Playlist Inrichting

Filmacademie, Amsterdam. Inrichting website.
I played some atmospheric music in the smaller room at one of the last editions of this legendary party…

Polygon – Scape 3
Lustmord – Deep calls to deep
7.7 Seth – Dogs blessing (desert storm)
Apoptose – Abschied vor der Sonne
Hans Zimmer – Dear Clarice (Hannibal soundtrack)
Nightmare Lodge – Awakening
Protagonist – The Puritan
Dernier Volonte – Der Zorn Gottes

Dies Natalis – The drummer walks in storm
Gae Bolg – Bruniquel
Ordo Equilibrio – Liebe Utopia
Decoded Feedback – Synthesis
Kirlian Camera – Absentee
Die Form – Resonant magnetic source
Davantage – Decadence (Feindflug remix)
Wumpscut – War (remix)
Ice Ages – The fiend
Death in June – Little black angel
Lady Morphia – Sun spirits
Backworld – Leaving the isles of the blest (remix)
Neutral – Diamonds in your hand
Die Wappen des Thoth – Der Engel WD2
Nothing – Working through the nail
In the Nursery – Duality
Engelsstaub – A dream within a dream
Djembe – Tourdion
Sieben – Mogat

Sol Invictus – A German requiem
Belborn – All unser Blut
Of the wand & the moon – Raven chant
Calva y Nada – Aufprall
Chassalla – Realm of death
Prager Handgriff – Wehret den Anfangen
Nigra Nebula – Das Model
Feindflug – Roter Schnee
Mlada Fronta – Electric Chair Process 1
Siechtum – Gesellschaft Mord
Sophia – Aus der Welt
Blutharsch – Untitled
Swartalf – Fear is born of the devil
Asche – Kiss the whip
Orphx – Halflife 1
Will – Father forgive
Dive – Eye of the past
Leatherstrip – Another leader
Mentallo & the Fixer – Legion of Lepers (remix)
Ordo Equilibrio – Hunting for the black September
Dernier Volonte – Ami
Matt Howden – Hellfires
Argine – Le rose
In my Rosary – Rose of the world
Static Movement – She was on the stairs
Nightmare Lodge – Negative planet