Playlist Nachtschade #3

Location: Goudvishal, Arnhem (NL)
Live: Legendary Pink Dots & Beequeen
DJ’s: Nightporter & Hans D.

DJ Nightporter
Wander – Wander
John Foxx – City of endless stairways
Fad gadget – Arch of the aorta
Cabaret voltaire – James Brown
Skinny puppy – Sleeping beast
Venus fly trap – Naked Ape

DJ Hans D.
Von Magnet – Cosmogonia
Tuxedomoon – Nervous guy
Can – Spoon
Dark day – Hands in the dark
Coil – Blood from the air
Minny pops – Island
Clock DVA – The hacker

[live: Beequeen]

DJ Hans D.
Thee Majesty – The little black boy
Sixth comm. – Winter sadness
Sand – May rain
Current 93 – Since yesterday
Songs of the green pheasant – Nightfall
The Nits – Les nuits
Mecano – Treasure lost and found
Dole – Rumroad (12″)

[live: The Legendary Pink Dots]

DJ Hans D.
The Bolshoi – Happy boy
Controlled bleeding – Crawl
Einsturzende neubauten – Was is ist
Theatre of hate – Westworld
The Names – Calcutta
Minimal compact – It takes a lifetime
The search – Infection
Fields – For her light
Bauhaus – Kick in the eye
Invisible limit – Push
Rorschach Garden – State protection

DJ Nightporter
Clan of Xymox – Stranger
New Order – Bizarre love triangle
Visage – Fade to grey
A flock of seagulls – Space age love song
Adam and the ants – Car trouble
The Chameleons – Thursday’s Child
Every new dead ghost – Miranda
Gene loves jezebel – Desire
Executive slacks – say it isn’t so
Ausgang – Lick
Chants of Maldoror – A white holocaust
The jesus and mary chain – Head
Virgin prunes – Baby turns blue

DJ Hans D.
B-movie – Remembrance day
2 Belgen – Lena
Tyske Ludder – Monotonie
Image transmission – Agony or ecstasy
Stendal blast – Ein neuer mensch
Camper van Beethoven – Take the skinheads bowling
Eight Wonder – J’ai pas peur
Lene Lovich – I think we’re alone now