Playlist Seja Records Label Night

Saturday 24th October 2014, dB’s, Utrecht.
Special night around the record label Seja Records.
Live: Das Ding, Fatal Casualties, Sophya

My setlist:

Trisomie 21 – Sunken lives
Sad lovers and giants – Seve kinds of sin
Kim Kio – Insan insan
Traffic AM – Love
Sololust – The Spark
Twice a Man – Observation from a borderland
Front 242 – Controversy between
Le Syndicat Electronique – Strawberry flower
Schleimer K – She’s gone
Wire – Advantage in height
Parade ground – Took advantage
Severed Heads – The ant can see legs
Kompleta – Das Haus
Matthias Schuster – Für alles auf der Welt
Les visiteurs du soir – Je t’écris d’un pays
Position Parallèle – Pop mortem
Adolf Filter – I, sexuality
Agent Side Grinder -Life in Advance

Lebanon hanover – Gallowdance
Kiss the anus of a black cat – The shadows are you
Sedition – Skin trade
Boris mikulic – Bitterer als der Tod
The devil & the universe – Nod (black egg remix)
Neustadt – Drohgebärden
Silent Signals – Cinema antartica
The Klinik – Sick in your mind (remix)

Flue – Sometimes ( in Arabia) (new version)
Neon Judgement  – TV treated
Tranquil eyes – Five o’clock
Nine circles – What’s there left
Phantom love – Lotus
Xeno & Oaklander – Sets & lights
November Növelet – Changing minds
Tropic of Cancer – More alone (radio session)