Playlist Summer Darkness – Cold Meat special

Ekko, Utrecht (NL)

During the Summer Darkness festival there was a special Cold Meat Industry evening.

Dutch wave-rock band Fertile Reality opened the evening, followed by the energetic nihilistic dark folk of Spiritual Front, the atmospheric folk/pop/triphop sounds of Olen’k and the bombastic neoclassical music of The Protagonist. Between the concerts I had the task to play some songs.

For Against – Daylight
The Opposition – Breaking the silence
The Chameleons – Swamp thing
White Rose Transmission – Sister sweetness
Modern English – Someone’s calling
The Neon Judgement – TV treated
Ikon – Reality is lost
The Frozen Autumn – Dusk is like a dagger
Trisomie 21 – No works of words


Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – To Tirzah
Derni̬re Volont̩ РHymn
Monte Cazazza – Six eyes from hell
Scorpion Wind – The path of the cross


Novy Svet – Resistant
Argine – Rifrazioni
Arcana – Le serpent rouge
Moon Far Away – Iz-za gor
Am Ganeshan – Ashes dance
Love is Colder than Death – Sun ra
Ophelia’s Dream – Amica mei
Die Form – Cantique


Desiderii Marginis – The ever green tree
Atomine Elektrine – Reliance
Shinjuku Thief – Sacred Fury
Megaptera – Kingdom of death
Coph Nia – Holy War
Ulver – In the kingdom of the blind…
SPK – Invocation (small part)


In the Nursery – Love will tear us apart
Kirlian Camera – K-Pax