Playlist The War of Roses

Nonomes, Amsterdam
War of Roses website
Enjoyed myself very well at the War of Roses party in Amsterdam, where I was playing tunes together with Guillame.

Vinterriket – landschaften ewiger einsamkeit #2
Atrium carceri – blue moon
SPK – romanz in moll
Fleur – the string
One for jude – hélice
Stoa – infant joy
Arcana – the song of mourning
Raison d’etre – towards desolation
Agnivolok – town with yellow eyes
Legendary pink dots – i love you in your tragic beauty
The blue hour – the night is windless
Einstuerzende Neubauten – grundstuck
Mecano – robespierre’s remarks II
Coil – ostia (the death of pasolini)

Kratong – a dream of the faded summer
Sorrow – soldier
Strenght through joy – dominions
Peter ulrich – tagaharu’s leaving
Darkwood – descent
Sangre Cavallum – cantiga de sol posto
TMLHBAC – nr 13 a new soldier
Novy svet – resistant
Tribe of circle – when tears turn to solidity

Turbund sturmwerk – glaube
Leger des heils – freiheit
Puissance – core of revelation
Sturmpercht – frisch auf zur slacht!
Omnicore – complices
Wappenbund – fremde fahnen pt II
Camerata mediolanense – il lupo
Werkraum – steh auf, nordwind!
Blood axis – wir rufen deine wölfe

Forseti – korn
Ataraxia – a green for her voice
Karjalan sissit – kunnia lyanmaa
Nod – forget me not
Institut – traitors
Dead can dance – cantara
Of the wand and the moon – sol ek sa
Sopor aeturnus – shadowsphere
Klinik – sick in your mind
November növelet – misantrophy

Theorem – cynical prayer
Haus arafna – he colored me blind
Des esseintes – scrying/closure
Sophia – march of strenght
Dernière Volonté? – vers la lumiere
Ordo equilibrio – tango for the concession
Hekate – unser die welt, trotz alledem
Howden/wakeford – wormwood
Backworld – melody
Sturmpercht – ein gebratenes h?nchen
Death in june – but, what ends when the symbols shatter?\

Orff – o fortuna
Propergol – outburst
Current 93 – diana
Der blutharsch – untitled
Von thronstahl – through sun and steel
Dies natalis – rain
Changes – bleeding out your feelings
L’orcheste noir – what price
Arcana – love eternal
Allerseelen – ernting
B-nai b’rith – totale beseitigung

Eisengrau – treshold
Genocide organ – k. barbie
Non – total war
Pal – das gelobnis (terrorfakt rmx)
Kirlian camera – k-pax
Jagd wild – come join the hunt
Argine – rifrazione
Once a barge – hildolf
In slaughter natives – death, just only death
Karjalan sissit – jesus ställde in
Woven hand – stories and pictures

Dernière Volonté? – ma foi est mon combat
Swans – beautiful child
Sonne hagal – midwinter night
Karjalan sissit – ess
Johnny cash – hurt
Sol invictus – on and on