Playlist The War of Roses

Nonomes, Amsterdam
War of Roses website
On a hot night eventually enough people showed up to make it a nice atmospheric party. Regular DJ Maurice was ill, so it was just Guillaume and me as guest behind the cd-players.

The dead hours-and thou art dead as young as fair
Wolfskin-devouring the sun
Die form-cinema
Ignis fatuus-the vastness of it
Desiderii marginis-mantrap
Tribe of circle-psalms of repentance

Stalingrad-the road on wich you`ll die
Nueva germania-amaterasu
Deutsch nepal / TMLHBAC-no title
Sopor aeturnus-not dead but dying
Blood axis-the march of brian boru
Regard extreme-amour te volerai
Toroidh-among us
Ulf söderberg-neapolis
Love is colder than death-wananbi
Moon far away-eos dance
Sator absentia-like you are not
Ordo rosarius equilibrio-tango for the concession of the suspender princess
Dernière volonté-le poison
Leger des heils-geistesmahnung
Law-your body is immobilized
Coinside-folgt uns
Wappenbund-unser blut
Mz 412-algiz-konvergence of live and death
Nod-the beast in the arms of god
Nicolas lens-sumus vicinae
Death in june-little black angel
Sonne hagal-thrymskvida
Sanctum-in two minds
Swans-my burried child
BOTIS-fate of resistance
In slaughter natives-death, just only death
Karjalan sissit-peracta militia
Sol invictus-in a garden green
Tempesta noire-carcassonne
Jagd wild-come join the hunt
Apatheia-this cannot be
The blue hour-the night is windless
Chamber-strange kind of love
Garmarna-herr mannelig
Lupercalia-pilgrims chant
Gae bolg-la meute
Von thronstahl-adoration to europe
Hause arafna-scars
Institut-new armour
Navicon torture technologies-spiritus capax
Klinik-sick in your mind
Dive-back to nature
Paul lemos & joe papa-tormentors song
Nature and organisation-a dozen winters of loneliness
TMLHBAC-no tittle
A challenge of honour-dum pater familias
Dead can dance-rakim
Kutna hora-why we cried
Strength trough joy-a grave for burning wings
In the nursery-praxis
Kirlian camera-fields of sunset
Skin-blood on your hands
Test dept-funeral