Playlist Thorns of Avalon IV

Staddijk, Nijmegen (NL). Organisation: Disco Avalonia
DJ Ornny and I played some tunes before, inbetween and after the bands at this nice festival, with a good atmosphere and fine and varied concerts. Performing live were Predella Avant, Novalis, This Vale of Tears and Sleepwalk.

Arcana – We rise above
Raison d’etre – Ordeal in chapel
Seelenblut – Agartha
Contrastate- Breaking the strawmen
Stalingrad – The road on which you’ll die
Turbund Sturmwerk – Sturmgeweiht
Am Ganesha’n – Ilyria

Red Reflection – Flood
In Slaughter Natives – Angel meat
Protagonist – Mutability
Karjalan Sissit – Peracta militia
In the Nursery – Beutereiter
Wappenbund – Blood & fire
Dead Can Dance – The Protagonist


[DJ Ornny]


Scorpion Wind – The path of the cross
Oraison – The rebellion
While Angels Watch – Our last fanfare
The Chameleons – Tears


[DJ Ornny]


Feature – Take my soul
IDLO – Trans level
Mago – Like sand slips through my fingers
Detritus – Equilibrium
Ulf Șderbergh РEquatoria
Elijah’s Mantle – Breath of Lazarus part II
Volksweerbaarheid – Een Duits dienstmeisje
BOTIS – Hail Jerusalem
Jagd Wild – Come join the hunt

[DJ Orrny]