Playlist Unknown Pleasure: Silent Night

W2, Den Bosch
Live: GOR + Pinknruby
Two very good concerts on Christmas Eve, not many visitors, but a nice evening nevertheless.

Hans D.
Raison D`Etre – Chalixtins
Coil – In Memory Of The Truth
Virgin Prunes – Ulakanakulot
Felt – Red Indians
Stoa – Introitus
Olen`k – Season Of Tears
Irfan – Otkrovenie
Jaramar – Amor Con Fortuna
Belcanto – Unicorn
Love Is Colder Than Death – Wananbi
Faun – Andro
Dead Can Dance – Ulysses


Caprice – The Fairy Chime
Moenen – Sanctus (video)
Daemonia Nymphe – The Bacchic Dance-

GOR/Francesco Banchini

Hans D.
Hevia – Busindre Reel
Nicolas Lens – Sumus Vicinae
Hekate – Montsegur
Derni-re Volont- – Coeur De Legionnaire
Faith & The Muse – Shattered In Aspect
Neon Judgement – Tomorrow In The Papers
Poesie Noire – Starvation Of A Mind
Trisomie 21 – No Search For Us
Die Form – Silent Order
Kirlian Camera – K-Pax
XNDL – Mother (Radikale Analog Fraktion remix)
Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Engel