This film was described as a light romantic comedy and certainly not my first choice when I visited a film festival. But since many alternatives were sold out, I decided to give it a try. And I must say, I was certainly not disappointed, Tadpole was better than expected and quite entertaining. It’s a rather cheap movie, shot on digital video, without looking low-budget.

The main character Oscar Grubman (played by Aaron Stanford) is 15, but far too wise and mature for his age, quoting Voltaire and an expert in classical music. Giggling girls at school are completely uninteresting to him, instead he fances his stepmother Eve (Sigourney Weaver)… Of course his interest in elder women is not a very healthy situation, which must lead to complications, especially when Oscar is seduced by the sensual Diane, a friend of his stepmother…

The acting is well-done, the narrative is pleasantly light without becoming cheap or cliche, and there are quite some funny moments. A fresh entertaining movie, which is not directly a classic, but still is a nice coming-of-age story, full of adolescent confusion. You also never get the feeling of watching a ‘taboo film’, therefore tadpole is too witty and tasteful.