Tan de Repente

I saw ‘Tan de Repente’ in a German cinema, where the title was translated as ‘Aus heiterem Himmel’. Luckily the Spanish-spoken film was not synchronized, but subtitled. The film is shot in black & white, which is very fitting for this rather surreal, somewhat vague existential roadmovie. The main character is Marcia, who works in a lingerie-store in Buenos Aires, where she shows a great sense of duty, while her colleague is only busy polishing her nails. Marcia does not make a very happy impression, she leads a monotonous life, she can’t except a broken relationship and she has a complex about her overweight.

One day she is addressed by two lesbian punkgirls, Mao and Lenin, who lead a rather loose life, stealing everything they want. Mao says that she wants to have sex with Marcia, who is shocked by that proposal. Mao and Lenin try to break her will and finally convince her, well more or less kidnap her to come along with them. They steal a taxi and bring Marcia to the sea, which she has never seen before. Then they hitchhike further, until they end up in a small traditional village, where Lenin’s old aunt has a house. Here various relations develop between the three girls and the inhabitants of the house where they are staying, everything registered by the camera in a very realistic manner.
It’s an intriguing and unconventional tragi-comedy. ‘Tan de repente’ is a little minimal, with not much dialogue and without a clear ending, but worthwhile.