Hugo Simberg

The garden of death (1896)

Hugo Simberg (1873-1917), a symbolist painter and also a talented graphic artist. He was active during the ‘Golden Era of Finnish art’. Although he was supported by the acclaimed artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Simberg had hos own odd style. He painted pictures of death and devils, erternal characters of Finnish folklore, often in a humourous ironic way. The fates and dreams of common people and the forces of nature also play an important role in his paintings. The most essential features of Simberg’s art are to be found in the frescoes of St. John’s Church in Tampere, Finland.

On The Stream of Life

Simberg also became an accomplished graphic artist,who made a lot of use of photography. He directly comprehended the importance of light and shade. For Simberg, photography was more than just a means of preparing studies. His photographs can readily be seen as independent works on themes which the artist also explored in his graphics and paintings.

Anni Simberg, Quiberon, Brittany 1910