Edvard Munch


The painting above from Edvard Munch is called “Madonna” (1894-1895). ‘As a Madonna with the red halo of martyrdom she is an object of religious devotion, yet at the same time she is man’s sex object. Sensual satisfaction is likened to the moment of death.’

In Oslo you can find the Munch Museum. A nice web exhibition of the work of Munch & a biography can be found here.

The Norvegian painter Edvard Munch (1863-1944) has of course become immortal with his haunting painting “The Scream” (1893). Countless adaptations and parodies have been made of this classic, for example by Rob Scholte and also by US punk band Dead Kennedys (see below), who put mushroom clouds and polluting factories in the background as the cause of the scream.

screaming kennedys