Simon Marsden

Roof, Dunboy Castle, County Cork, Ireland

My first encounter with the work of photographer Simon Marsden was through the fascinating (German) book “Geistersuche”. It contains many mysterious, sometimes creepy stories and photos about old castles, desolated buildings and other ghostlike places, from Irland to Transsilvania… I was instantly intrigued by the effects of light and darkness in his work.

The Library Tower, Rennes-Le-Chateau, France

Simon Marsden is specialized in capturing the fantastic and the supernatural in his powerful black and white images. Simon Marsden writes on his website: “I believe that another dimension, a spirit world, runs parallel to our own so-called ‘real’ world, and that sometimes, when the conditions are right, we can see into and become part of this supernatural domain. The mystical quality of my photographs reflects this ancient order and they attempt to reveal what is eternal.”

Moydrum Castle, County Westmeath, Ireland

I recommended a visit to the Simon Marsden website, where you can find a lot of info about his work and his books, plus the large Marsden Archive with many great photos.