Two Days

A failed actor decides to commit suicide and to registrate the last two days before his death with a videcamera. He arranges some friends who will film him. Meanwhile people are dealing with the question if they are going to stop him and how… Ex-girlfriends, good friends, his father and mother are all getting recruited. Even the offering of a new filmrole is tried as a solution to change his mind, but nothing seems to be of any help…

A black comedy aka fake documentary, partly based on the truth. It’s a sometimes hilarious, but then again embarrassing tale of an attention-seeking protagonist, who is searching for recognition of the (phoney) friends around him.

References: ‘Clerks’ (Kevin Smith’s manner of filming), ‘C’est arrivé près de chez vous’ (the way the cameracrew follows the main character) and 25 Watts (the emptiness of existence).