Vozvrashcheniye (The Return)

This is an intense story about two sons who have grown up without a father. One day their father suddenly appears, and he wants to take them with him on a short holiday to go fishing. While they are on their way, the orginal plan changes. Father has to do some kind of job somewhere, of which the details don’t become very clear. In the meantime, father teaches the boys some tough lessons of life, like always keep an eye on your belongings and stick to agreements.

But his methods are so unorthodox that you wonder what he wants to achieve, and the sons starts to hate their so-called father more and more. The climax follows on a desert island, where father has to dig up some package. Many questions are not answered, like the reasons behind his harsh lessons and why he suddenly showed up.

These matters stay vague, but the superior acting of father and sons can almost be called unique. The desolate images of the deserted landscape, the razorsharp recordings of rainshowers and the marvellous natural acting of the three protagonists keep you tightened to your seat.